A word with Angie Mattson.

She does not like white vans. She has toured with Uh Huh Her, among others. She has a fanbase in Erie (???).

Singer-songwriter, Michigan native and former model Angie Mattson played a show in Erie two weeks ago that I was personally unable to attend due to my poor transportation situation. Nonetheless, she was amazing enough to do an interview with me.

Her new album, Skeleton Arm is currently out. It's been described as "rockabilly" and "jazz." How do those two coexist? Wonderfully! The girl is worth a listen (and seriously read her bio here, it's fascinating)

Angie first played the amazing metropolis of Erie (sorry about the snark! I'm entitled! I live here!) six years ago.

"It was one of my first shows," she remembered.

The enthusiasm has remained up since then, because the Beer Mug was pretty packed when she made her return.

"I was happy all the seats were filled and everybody was so into the music. We had a great time," Mattson said about her comeback show.

Skeleton Arm, which she is touring in promotion of, was recorded in Los Angeles at Violent Room Studios.

"I had most of the songs written and my band and I had some of the arrangements already. Jeff Mendel (who I produced the record with) and I played most of the instruments and just experimented a lot until things sounded right. We were inspired by the swampy south and artists like The Latin Playboys, and Robert Plant. We had a few other players come in as well. Everyone did a terrific job. It was fun," she said about the process of putting the album together. SA just came out for release this past Tuesday! you can find it at her website. (link to AGAIN)

I was personally intrigued about the title. don't ask me. these things just happen. her explanation:

"Skeleton Arm is a metaphor for a secret. It's a lyric from the song Cool Water." Ahhh!

Good stuff!

So what's next for Mattson, now that her album is out? Now that the secret is out? (couldn't resist)

"We will be touring til the end of October and then I plan on doing more songwriting and unfolding the next album when I get home," she said.

Until then, Skeleton Arm is worth your time. give Angie a listen! and also check out her remaining tour dates (one more time) HERE.

And hopefully, she will play a THIRD show in Erie. and I will be there!

p.p.s. I also dislike white vans.