Who is the other Robyn?

So I signed up on DATPIFF.COM to download some free mixtapes, primarily WIZ KHALIFA's KUSH & ORANGE JUICE, and I see this.

So I'm thinking, what, huh? someone made a ROBYN mixtape. That's cool. Low?ue? and behold, it's a different ROBYN. A female rapper. And it's not bad. There are some good beats on here like the one from YOU FANCY HU?H? and THIS IS WHY I'M HOT.

Catchy: I can't find any information about this other ROBYN, or her purported label AFE RECORDS anywhere on THE INTERNET. In the meantime, my LAST.FM plays are being artificially inseminated. Do I have the right tags?

For now I'll call her ROB?N.



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