weekend movie breakdown

Some big films have come out this weekend:

The Social Network
Let Me In
Some Film in Which Renee Zellweger Is Terrorized

do you plan on seeing any of these? TSN is getting rave reviews, remarkably. I don't know why I'm surprised- David Fincher is a fine director, one of my favorites ("what's in the boxxxxxxxx!") but I just thought it was TOO SOON (and kind of trite) for a Facebook movie. I guess it makes sense- it really did shake things up. and Mark Zuckerberg, what a guy. I can't stand Jesse Eisenberg. if I want to watch Michael Cera, I will go find Michael Cera.
all in all though, it looks to be interesting. are you going to see it?

Let Me In is a remake of the Swedish (hai) film Let the Right One In which didn't come out that long ago. there's American cinema for you. I like the title; that's the extent of it. I'm biased on the Swedish issue, as you probably well know.

Renee Zellweger is in a horror movie.
love you, Renee!


anyway, I want to see Waiting For Superman about public schools in America but OF COURSE it's not in Erie. I'll have to wait until like December or something. boy, I do love this town.


  1. Social Network looks really interesting.....Jesse Eisenberg rules

  2. I can't stand him. seriously. he grosses me out. Michael Cera, I can stand. sick of him, but I can stand.

  3. What,

    they both rule! they rule!

    Rule like Alexander


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