A sound For Halloween

For Starters this one is for BrittM

Type O Negative; Black N°1

Top Pick Halloween song.

and for fun,

The powerful voice of Barry White. Because he rules.

So I made a Halloween Mix; but it is on my other computer i.e. not here. Alors; here is my little sound for Halloween.

QATFYG: Would Barry White have made a good Jack Skellington?


  1. @ Britt

    i just realized there is an M next to your name

    Y ? IDK?

  2. I thought you meant someone else! so confused!!!! I know a Brittany M. I remember when she transferred to my school and I was like BITCH STOLE MY NAAAAAME

  3. and yes to your last question. yes he would.

    bwahaha Type O Negative. throw some Korn down and think of me.


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