Ohio, more like O hi F* NO!

So due to unforeseen circumstances I am in Ohio. When will I leave?
When are you coming to get me?

And I have learned so much about this state that lies often forgotten in the union until election times or during reruns of Drew Carey.

My initial reaction is...come here if you want to die or get an infection from sitting on a toilet seat.

So Ohio is a state that has some major characteristics:

1. There is pride for Apple Juice.

2. The baseball players cannot read.

3. You park under signs that say not responsible for theft....and no guns allowed.

4. There are gospel singers in the Denny's.

5. They have a football team named the Browns, but they wear shame because they suck.

6. Cleveland....women...nuff said.

7. The grocery stores have an excellent supply of pie pumpkins. I was excited.

QATFYG: May you list for me a few nice things about Ohio?


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