MARTA needs your help!

Hey! This film, Marta (see here) needs your help to get its feet off the ground. I saw there was a blurb about it in the Erie Times News Thursday, but I stress "blurb." Oh ETN: you never fail to disappoint.

Rachel is a cool girl and this looks like a really awesome project (me and my adjectives people on the Real World sound smarter). I mean- it is about a Romanian immigrant that doubles as a dominatrix, after all. !!! filming is scheduled to start in February of 2011.

So they need approximately 3000 dollars to start and are at 873. And ALSO this needs to happen by November 11th. urgency! if you checked out above website like I told you to, you can see the incentives for pledging... I kind of want a letter written in Romanian. but you can do as little as a dollar, which I think is worth it. plus you get your name in the credits!

Please help if you can!!!! It's a worthwhile project. and you're helping some up-and-coming young artists, so.

for more information, go to

thank you!