lastly, a lot of bands hate my favorite countries

Chromeo and Ke$ha recently announced their European tours. but both of them are skipping Scandinavia. Sweden, Norway. um, Finland? (Nordic, right? you Finns are like, our fourth biggest reader group, respect). WTF? THESE ARE MY FAVORITE PLACES WHY CAN'T KE$HA DRAG HER SKANKY ASS THERE.

I am sorry you will miss Chromeo and Ke$ha, friends in that part of the world. it is their loss.

tomorrow I will post my interview with Angie Mattson. cheerio


  1. Ke$ha can't go over there becuase the currency exchange is too complicated and she'd have to be like K€sha

  2. also what is this finlandia shit you should have SUOMI

  3. Blame al! He used it a really long time ago and i have stuck with it since!!

  4. I actually clicked the link,

    and the first time I tagged it was for the Finlandia vodka.

    pero es la misma palabra.


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