halloween comes early, mah frans



- FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE WILL BE ON SNL IN NOVEMBER. with who? who, you ask? Anne Hathaway, no less! aka my sister's doppleganger at least I think so IDK

- leave Charlie Sheen alone!!! what's wrong with drugs and hookers they are not hurting anyone!

- Speak Now is the first CD I have bought in forever. well, since Charlotte in Phoenix. I am in love, my friends. I'd post "Taylor Swift Beer Party" but I won't steal the thunder from Rebecca or Wenli, who was commissioned to write a review as a guest writer. it was either Wenli or Hannah, who is 12 and loves Taylor as much as I do BUT I HAVE THE CD HAHAHAHA

- tomorrow, I am one with Uffie. HOT MESS HOT MESS

happy hallOween


  1. someone on justin tv told me kesha only has a recording contract because she's attractive. i guess there is a scarcity in pictures of kesha somewhwere


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