Drag Giant!

Last night I saw Giant Drag play for the first time in like 5 years. It was their first show in a long long long long long time too, seeing as members Annie Hardy and Micah Calabrese have broken up the band...twice? Plus, a couple of years ago they were asking (and are still asking) for donations from fans to fund their upcoming album, which apparently is finished but they have a hard time releasing it. Suxxxxxxx. Don't they have a lot of friends in the LA band business? Giant Drag are fucking amazing, hook them up!!!

Anyway, Annie has blonde hair now and Micah was wearing a Giant Drag shirt. Plus they added a new member, a sixteen-year-old by the name of Dakota who looks like a cross between a girl and Adam Green. I think he may be Micah's brother (I honestly thought he was a girl up until the second song they played).

Anyway the new songs they played sounded really good, but I can't find them anywhere online right now so here's their video from one of my favorites, "Kevin Is Gay"!!!


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