dead person of the day goes german/lykke and yelle/marjorie watch continues

I PRESENT TO YOU NICO, Andy Warhol's muse, German person, fashion model, Jackson Browne lovah (aren't we all), member of the Velvet Underground, etc.

this beautiful bitch had one sad life. RIP.

also! Yelle and Lykke Li are touring. not together, though. sadly. but! this means that we can expect new material from both of them. yay! and their tours are very limited as of right now but we should just get on our knees and pray that changes. if you live in cities like New York City or Stockholm (sigh) you are in luck.

in Erie news, the Marjorie trial continues. yesterday she had an outburst in court and was like DO I LOOK LIKE A MAN to the jury. I don't know how she wanted people to answer that. but you know she is like Botticelli's Venus come to life and all.

I am going to try and score a Yelle interview. peace for the night, darlings.