autumn leaves

this was originally a French poem by Jacques Prevert. It was called LES FEUILLES MORTES (the Dead Leaves) and was written in 1945. However, it was translated into English by Johnny Mercer and now is immortalized into a jazz standard. and was given the title of "Autumn Leaves" AKA THE DEAD LEAVES.

A lot of people who have sang this song are now dead. Fact! so for October I was thinking of highlighting a different DEAD person of interest every few days, and this is sort of a nice introduction to that. nice? I guess.

Here are some versions of "Autumn Leaves" which I like, because this is actually one of my favorite songs:

Nat King Cole (DEAD)

Edith Piaf (DEAD)

Yves Montand (DEAD)

Frank Sinatra (DEAD)

Eva Cassidy (DEAD)

the story of her death is so sad. poor girl, RIP.



  1. this was a fav of my mom and me.

    here is another version that I like:

    by Adam Fulara (sorry for non hyperlink url)

  2. A few years ago I downloaded an insane amount of autumn leaves and les feuilles mortes tracks. One night I had heard one particular version in some fancy hotel in Milan, I immediately knew I couldn't go on living without having that specific song. Of course I lost the artist's name the very same evening. In the following weeks my hunt provided me with a great deal of songs, but not the one I yearned for. Somehow I did survive.

    The point is that I think you might've forgotten one version, performed by Cannonball Adderley and Miles Davis, which ought to be mentioned:

  3. ooh Miles Davis! good call. sorry I overlooked that.


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