Activate My Heart will not be on the Natalia Kills album


"brittany's back"- the love language

art contest results/LAST dead person of the day :(

happy halloweekend

halloween comes early, mah frans

A sound For Halloween

poetry corner

Drag Giant!

"Get Some"- Lykke Li/"La Musique"- Yelle

Spotlight/Shoutout: Fred Savage

first annual useless critic art contest

Suggestions to Improve the English Language

guess who is coming to dinner

Pageant Dad: What Activity is Bad that Gets the Whole Family Together?

if you are good to me i will speak french for you


Speak Now

Fings I Love Right Now

Best Ghoast

Taylor Swift, Making a Career out of Playing the Victim



kayne west loses mind

Your Favorite Artist of the 2000s?

for cara

before i forget

New Ke$ha Single

uffie status

ted hughes and sylvia plath (mostly ted hughes)

Spotlight/Shoutout; Emilia Schuele

dead person of the day goes german/lykke and yelle/marjorie watch continues

Who is the other Robyn?

dead people of the day

"Brutal Hearts"- Bedouin Soundclash f. Coeur du Pirate

Look At What The Light Done Did Now

MARTA needs your help!

First post from Africa

my poetry corner is BACK

dead person of the day: SAINTS AND SINNERZ

I Love Her Like She's Indestructible

Spotlight/Shoutout: Hassan Abidou

my halloween mix, bitches ("don't worry if i write rhymes, I WRITE CHECKS.")

Sounds for Autumn: Halloween Mix Idea is awesome AWM!

dead person...

I love her

Make a Halloween Mix

shit you mayn't've known... about TLC

in which i reveal way too much/try to make a point

A word with Angie Mattson.


lastly, a lot of bands hate my favorite countries

Ohio, more like O hi F* NO!


dead person of the day!!!


dead person of the day

dead person of the day: john denver

robert palmer/shakira appreciation/"Eclipse (All Yours)"- Metric