you need to hear this! LISSIE

Do you like Ellie Goulding? Do you like American folk music? Do you wonder what would happen if these two things got married and made an unholy musical love child? Enter LISSIE.

who is, just. um. Lissie. no last name. think Cher.

I feel like Miss Lissie has the potential to get very big. Watch and learn. She's used two covers, one of "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga and the other "Pursuit of Happiness" by Kid Cudi/MGMT wisely to her advantage. If you are an up-and-coming pop star these days, advice: COVER A BIG SONG. SOMEONE WILL HEAR IT AND THINK IT IS BRILLIANT.

Luckily, in Lissie's case, it's just so:

OMG, do you remember I mentioned Ellie Goulding before? I like Ellie Goulding a lot but it's mostly because I do find her attractive. very attractive. yeah I'm shallow, deal with it, BUT LOOK THEY'RE DUETING:

maybe making out? I can only dream.

anyway, despite its pop aspirations, there is something refreshingly natural about Lissie. she seems to take the Katy Perry/Lady Gaga road and channel it through some Chrissie Hynde-inspired blender.



  1. Just imagine how good these lyrics would sound over a thumping bass and some 808s.

  2. listen i havent even been talking about kesha lately im too busy chatting up colette carr on facebook


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