That Pop That's Next

I really like pop all of a sudden so I feel the need to give this site a State of Pop Address every so often. FYI, Katy Perry is still horrible.

Moving on.

Last year, Cherrytree Records brought you Lady Gaga and La Roux, two flawed artists with killer hit songs. Presumably, next year, Cherrytree Records WILL bring you the debut of one flawless artist, Colette Carr. The wildcard is Natalia Kills, but if this single is any indication, her debut album will be worth a listen. Check out this mix of zombie rave, ghost trance, witch house, Twighlight and electropop.

Addendum: I won a copy of the Colette Carr mixtape on and I'm kind of excited about it, but I lost the Body Talk Pt. 2 draw so I'm going to have to buy it in stores.


  1. Katy Perry showed her boobs (basically) on SNL. one good reason to watch!

  2. She can show however many boobs she wants, I just don't want to hear her vocals butchering any more good beats.


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