Spotlight/Shoutout: Greg Giraldo

This has been said once!!

And I shall say it again.

Greg Giraldo has so much potential as a comedian, but where does it all go wrong?
What separates people like him who cannot afford food, from people like Carlos Mencia and or even George Lopez?

Perhaps it because he is not Hispanic! Just kidding, he totally is.
What does this have to with anything? I am not sure.

Back to the point. He could be a top comedian, but something about him just doesn't fully sell the routine. Nevertheless, he takes the s/s for the week. This is kind of like an A for effort!

So apparently there was this blogger named BarelyJen that did a column called "shout-out: spotlight." Not cool!

I would complain, but she started hers almost a year before s/s. Small world!!