New Plan: Comedy Central Roast of Judge Judy

My idea:

Comedy Central roasts Judge Judy.


Because it would be funny, and she is old!
It would be almost as good as if they roasted Barb Walters, but I am sure some fembot would complain (Diane Sawyer).

I would love to see JJ get torn apart by people less successful than her! I don't give orders to comedy central, but stick this on your calender, and I will be waiting.

So if this were to happen, who would be on the panel of insulting, washed-up, rejected comedians?

Obv Greg Giraldo and Jeff Ross. (Boredom)

Gilbert Gottfried.

Perhaps, Martin Sheen.

Someone from the cast of the Fresh Prince.


Wolf Blitzer.

New York.

Sarah Palin's son-in-law (if he aint snorting his mother's oxy-cotin pills)

and of course,

Mitch Hedberg...shit, he's dead. Too soon?

By the way, if you are wondering what the point of this post is...the answer is nothing!

QATFYG: How exactly do you spell Oxy-Cotin? No idea.


  1. The woman from The Weakest Link should roast her.

  2. YES!

    The Weakest Link women was born to roast people and things.

    and also I love New York, so yes.

    and Hoda needs to marry JJ's son. MAKE THIS HAPPEN

    good idea Al!


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