my alma mater has gone insane

So the school I graduated from in May, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, has made the really wise decision to close their libraries on Saturdays.

It just makes me so happy I don't go to that school anymore.

The ridiculous thing is the school just spent a shitload of money on a Fighting Scot statue, that, I'm sorry, is no where near as useful as a library. my mother told me, over coffee and newspapers this morning, that the statue is in fact "scary." I believe it! all I can think of is like, a bronze version of Mel Gibson with blood dripping from his mouth. eeee!

anyway, if you go to Edinboro, or care about what this says about the ever-declining state of the American education system, please join the little facebook thing:


  1. J. Bro said the unveliling of the statue was one of the most historic events, for hundreds of years to come!

    Regardless of setting or context!

    But all of the library's Saturday money seems to have gone to finance a trip to Taiwan, for the women's basketball team. So--


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