Kid Sister "Big N Bad"

Kid Sister "Big N Bad" on Vimeo.

Hi I am going to write this post like a kid because Kid Sister is a kid.

So here are some facts about Kid Sister. Kid Sister is older than me because Kid Sister was born on July 3, 1980 and I was born on April 13, 1983. That is why Kid Sister is older than me. Kid Sister does rap but she also does R&B. I looked up Kid Sister on the Internet and Kid Sister is from Illinois. Kid Sister mom is white but her dad is black. Allmusic does not like the Kid Sister album Ultraviolet but it is a good album. It has good songs. That is all I have to say about Kid Sister!


  1. Brittany you like the best jams.

  2. I do! I like Chromeo! that says something!

  3. Are you looking at my Last.FM again!

  4. Thanks. I don't like making ordinary posts.

    Brittany can we put a box on the side that says jams so we can put jams in it?

  5. YES

    come to the David whatever convention center and wish me off on Thursday. bring a jug of wine.

  6. David Lawrence? I might be able to do that.


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