Jams Update

I am the leader of a gang of a thousand rats.

In Pittsburgh, there are very few record stations that play good music like pop music and rap music. There used to be a station called WAMO but it got taken down because I guess Liberty Bail Bonds isn't a good enough sponsor to pay for the entire station. WAMO played jams like "Messin' with the Same Girl" by Usher and R-Kelly, "Wipe Me Down" by Lil Boosie, and "The Way I Live" by Baby Boy Da Prince.

Since WAMO has shut down, my ability to find jams is sorely diminished. Somehow, magically, I have guffudled my way onto great albums like Colette Carr's Sex Sells: Stay Tooned, Robyn's Body Talk Pts. 1 and 2, and Kid Sister's Ultraviolet, all of which I have discussed at length on this website.

With jam discovery becoming virtually impossible, I believe this blog is a great chance to reach out.

Tonight, my car speakers caught a note on the night air. A faint broadcast from Washington & Jefferson College's radio station, WNJR. The artist is called Lights. Here's the song.

Her album The Listening was released last year on [just pretend I did the research] Records. Unfortunately, she is Canadian, but no songs make that fact readily apparent.