brittany's book club: the world is flat

so I was searching through my bookshelves to find some books to read, as opposed to buying more or going to the library, where they hate me. I found a few books, but then I decided, I have a long ass flight ahead of, LET'S DO THIS UP. LET'S GET THE BIGGEST BOOK I CAN FIND THAT'S NOT THE BIBLE.

lo and behold, I grabbed my father's weathered copy of the World is Flat by New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman. He has won the Pulitzer three times. that's more than me!

my father loves nonfiction, which is where we differ. well we differ in a lot more areas but I'll focus here. I like well-written, captivating nonfiction. it seems rare to find something that keeps my interest in that area, though, that's not a celebrity biography.

my father (recommending me a book): Brittany, this book is about real people.
me: are you implying the Animorphs aren't real?
my father: Brittany, this book is about a real person who lived and breathed and died just like we all do.

the goal of this book is to show how the world has become an increasingly smaller place due to globalization, and how to keep ahead in the business world at these times. the part I'm at right now (Friedman writes after a trip to India) mentions how these Indian people are faking American accents and copying American business techniques. a world away!

anyway, odds are I'm not going to understand this book so well, because I'm not geared to this kind of thinking, but I'll give it a go anyway. AND BLOG MERRILY AS I GO ALONG.

3 + 3 = 6

I also have a Sophie Kinsella book borrowed from my sister to even out the heavier thinking. thank god.


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