5 Reasons why the Useless Critic is Better than Time Magazine

The Useless Critic does not

1. Exploit the Muslims and the Jews.

2. Show awkward photos of poor people in Louisiana.

3. Complain in a non-enjoyable way.

4. Focus gratuitously on sadness.

5. Give advice on shopping (and only promote those darn Sony products.)

Two Reasons Why TIME is better than the Useless Critic.

TIME has

1. Fancy Red Type.

2. Joel Stein.


Are you a fan of TIME?


  1. I haven't read this magazine since Joel Osteen got born again.

  2. word,

    Joel Osteen might be on the edge,
    but he is super popular among people that I see on the infomercials.

  3. I'm posting a relevant youtube link, for lols!


  4. Just watched Matthew's link on Time Advanced (from The Onion wink)

    I wonder if a magazine called Time Advanced would feature adds mostly by Rolex.

    Get it? Time Advanced? Rolex? Anybody?


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