Tickets You Don't Care About

96.1 FM in Pittsburgh is giving away Jonas Brothers tickets for the concert on August 11th. Listen for chances to call in... if you really want these tickets! (Though I'm not sure why you would.) Just spreading the news.

And info on buying tickets here.

Also, Demi Something will be there but no one cares. Actually, no one cares in general.



  1. this is actually like right up Al's alley, me thinks.

  2. yes indeed, i actually happened to miss the jonas brother's tickets give away down here in yonder WV.

    honestly i would only see JB or Demi something if it was free.
    my view on Demi something: she has a strong, talented singing voice. but it's a little too popified. if she had started off in a genre with a lot more depth than her sound would be really interesting.


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