"Stay Here"- Friendly Fires

Friendly Fires finally have a new song out!!!!!!

I first heard them in 2008 with "Paris," the ultimate escapist track, which I still adore to this day. And then "On Board" And "Photobooth"- it's good Brit dance rock. Think Bloc Party, think Two Door Cinema Club, think Passion Pit BUT BETTER. and more English!

so was I scared to hear their new song? was it like seeing my parents naked, which I have seen? umyes.


so they collaborated with these guys with Azari and III and this British DJ claims this is disco. but this is better than disco.

judge for yourself:

B+/A- it's rather arbituary.


  1. When you die can I write your obrituary?

  2. I just read something about Russian Wild Fires before this, so now I feel all low like limbo.


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