PS: from last night

Modern Family won 6 Emmys!

Who predicted that show would be a hit?

ME!!! Gosh Darnit, I was right!

Not to toot my own horn, but toot ta toot ta toot toot.

Did you watch the Emmys?

and PPS:
If you have not seen Modern Family yet, it is worth watching.


  1. nor did I,
    but I caught access hollywood this evening

    Full of Win!

    I am glad modern family is getting some awesome recognition tho.

  2. I went into MF with the worst of expectations. Seriously. But it is so freaking good. On par with 30 rock and arrested development.

    Now if only i could watch glee...

  3. I want to see that show with Jack Kevorkian in it but none of the other ones looked that great. And Charlie Sheen wasn't nominated for anything.

  4. Charlie Sheen looks good in his mugshots.

    Glee is awesome as well.
    I used to be in WEd. Night battle deciding between Glee and Modern Family won, but Glee became my Hulu show on weekends.

  5. Mug shots, Hot Shots, cum shots -- if Charlie Sheen is in it, I'm watching.


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