Hear it first in 2010: Dernière Volonté

Military Pop, Neofolk, Martial... genres of music traditionally associated with phrases like "huh?" and "never heard of it." One would reasonably suppose that something meeting those descriptions would be harsh and unlistenable, of course, and not built upon stripped-down, but catchy, beats and soothing French vocals. The genre offspring of Industrial seem to meld with Synthpop as well as their predecessor.

In May of this year, Geoffroy D. (Dernière Volonté or "Last Wish") released his newest album, Immortel, with little fanfare. In fact, so little that I couldn't even find a YouTube from it (the song above is from 2006's Devant Le Miroir). Top 10 of 2010? Maybe. At first listen, I still prefer Devant Le Miroir, and three of my spots are already reserved for Robyn releases.



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