"Hands"- the Ting Tings/"Teenage Dream"- Katy Perry

first of all: you are going to have to do a Where's Waldo search of the internet to find this track. I ain't posting it. mostly because I can't find anything decent on YOUTUBE.

thoughts: I'm really bored. I like the Ting Tings but they aren't like, amazing. you know? they're just basically pop rock. something fun to listen to and that's it. and honestly, it's not that catchy. it's just boring. you can hear the same thing better from other bands.

C -

but you know what DOESN'T suck? "Teenage Dream!" God, did Katy Perry sell her soul to the devil? I hope I can't be held accountable for liking her. am I supposed to find her attractive? she looks like she needs a HIV test.


p.s. the Ting Tings is such a dumb name.


  1. Haha...I wouldn't say that Katy Perry needs an HIV test, but I see what you're saying.


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