Best Coast: The Review Leading to More Reviews

So, I have been placed in a position to review the musical group “Best Coast.”

Before this, I had no exposure to any of their music, and according to their Myspace they are listed as “Surf/Pop/Gospel.”

Surf Pop is an excellent genre that really can provide relaxing but also very intense music, depending on how people look at it.

So what’s the sound of “Best Coast” like?

The best part of this group is their Vocal Patterns. By that I mean, the melodies go very well with the mood of the song. Another great thing is with this feminine Surfy team are the videos. This video is *love.*

When I’m with you
Off the album “Black Iris.” It’s a 7”

On an ending note:

This group really is not for me. Despite having some vocals that I like, and fun-to-watch-vids, the sound is just not something I can get into. When I look to Surf Pop as a genre of music I need something that gives more of a bold presence and shows the real feelings on the instrumentals, not just the vocals. The instruments in this group are a little too downturned for me.

But nonetheless, enjoy.

Are you bi-coastal?(Hugh Jackman joke)
Do you like Surf Pop?
Do you like Gospel?


  1. :D this makes me happy. nice work Al! sorry you didn't like them more, tho.


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