Back to Russia

AWM and I are working on 360 Degrees of Russian music,
And we are making a few stops along the way.

I knew a Russian Tartar woman I used to charm, and by charm I mean annoy to no end. (She now finds me overbearing and unfriendly.)

She told me this group’s language sounded very Tartar-esque.

I once again turn to my favorite three Uzbek females. Of course, Uzbekistan is now it’s own independent nation, but this song has a lot of Russian influence, especially some vibes and feelings of Central Russia.


And now something more gentle. I have spent so much time listening to Russian Guitarist, Kryztof Piotrowicz (he might be Polish), who plays so many guitar arrangements of Russian songs. It has great sounds that capture a lot of Russian Folk Music feelings.

If you listen to this song, close your eyes and imagine a story.

Kryztof Piotrowicz

And of course Kamchatka,
This is a long docu clip, but about 6 or 7 minutes in there is some traditional music of Russia’s Eastern Kamchatka peninsula.

AWM, by chance would you want to throw more Kamchatka music out there?


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