two things that have rocked my world

- LiLo is headed to prison. I need a video of her reaction for this. let me go search. it was so dramatic. what a crack whore, sorry for my choice of termniology here, but BITCH YOU COULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING IN 2005. she's all like- (turn to LAWYER) BITCH SAY WHAT? I'M LILO E-TRADE WANTS TO BE ME. and the lawyer is just like I WANT TO PUNCH YOU IN YOUR VAGINA, LILO.

- Justin Bieber is headed to N. Korea. BON VOYAGE


  1. This is a vacuum that's going to bring Amy Winehouse back. GIVE IT TWO WEEKS

  2. It's too bad North Korea won't win the World Cup.

    Then, Justin Bieber could perform for the champees.



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