Spotlight/Shoutout: Last Exit to Brooklyn

Spotlight/Shoutout is a weekly award-style post given to an actor, as a form of praise for their work, talent, abilities, or style.

But this week is different.

Instead of giving the s/s to an actor. I am going to give it to an idea.
And that idea is "Last Exit to Brooklyn."

LETB was published as a novel in 1964, and made into a movie in 1989.
I have not read it or seen it, but I always remember the discussion they had about this book in "Dawson's Creek."

When I see this title, it reminds me not of recognizing things such as work, talent, abilities, or style.....but remembering that before we realize it, we are approaching the last exit to our destination.

Life is too short to only focus on what people do. Perhaps, this post is a spotlight to life itself.

So don't miss your exit.


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