a poll

do you look at porn? if so, are you happier for doing so?

seriously- I'm wondering: are people that look at porn happier than those of us that go without? think about it.

I was raised Catholic, by the way.


  1. do I look?
    No (truth)

    Why not?
    It doesn't make me happier.

  2. the one time I really looked at porn, I was like 14. I was curious because I didn't know what a naked guy looked like (tmi). I found gay men porn. my brother found it later- my brother, who kept photos of naked girls in the shower. um. I got in a lot of trouble. :(

  3. now and then if I feel like. but it doesn't make me happier either it affects my life in any other way. well I was raised Catholic too. I mean, Catholic in ITALY. so, yes, GUILT.


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