my theory on the TWILIGHT soundtracks/RUSTED ROOT PLAY ERIE

So Metric (who met the Queen of England yesterday???? weird??????) is doing the theme song for the Eclipse film. also appearing on that soundtrack: Bat For Lashes and Beck, Florence + the Machine, etc.

I remember the first Twilight soundtrack. it wasn't amazing, not awful either. The Black Ghosts and Muse (duh what else) were on it, but then you had PARAMORE omg I hate Paramore don't even get me started.

Then you had the New Moon soundtrack, with Grizzly Bear and Lykke Li. somewhat better. Editors were on it, though, which hurt it (ha sorry I JUST D NOT LIKE THEM). so if the first soundtrack scored a B-, New Moon earned a A-. (and also- OKGo, and that Anya Marina song, bleh)

now you have Eclipse. which is AMAZING. and I had the epiphany yesterday- ha, why do I think so much about these things!- the continuing improvement of the soundtracks reflects the main characters' developing maturity levels.


anyway Rusted Root and One World Tribe are kicking off Eight Great Tuesdays toniht. I will be there, in cognito. remember Rusted Root? they had a song on the Matilda soundtrack!