Anna Wintour, Epitome of Class

I came across two spectacular fashion-related items today, and I must say that I am rather jealous.

First, Anna Wintour (omgannawintour!) is hosting a dinner at her house - possibly as I write this - to benefit the Democratic National Committee. Regardless of politics, this has to be the best and most expensive party - er, elegant and fashionable gathering - happening tonight. It seems that it costs $30,000 to get inside Anna’s house. I am hoping that my invitation was tragically misplaced. Seriously, Anna, why the cold shoulder? @WWD

Also, W is filming some documentary about its September issue. Hasn’t this been done before? Wasn’t it called, oh, I don’t know, “The September Issue”? And did it not feature Vogue and Anna Wintour? Yes, it did. I’m not sure how W is going to make a better documentary out of this than The September Issue. Almost no one cares that Stefano Tonchi is W’s new editor-in-chief. The general opinion about the mere idea of this documentary seems to be less than favorable. Bottom line: The September Issue was already done, and done well. Besides, what would the title of W’s production be? @NYMag

I like Meryl Streep, and The Devil Wears Prada was ok, but that’s all I have to say about that.

Anyway, just go watch these videos about Anna:

The September Issue

Name That Bag, Anna


  1. I wish I had channeled Anna more at the paper. that woman is boss.

    LOL @ THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE - can't they pick a different month?


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