First of all, Adam Lambert has been confirmed for scoring an Erie date in August on his latest tour. that's kind of big, considering he's one of the few relatively popular AI stars left. no one cares about Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard in New York. that is the way the cookie crumbles.

Then, on June 25th, Nicole Atkins (along with Joshua James) is doing a free show in Pittsburgh.

On July 21st- Free Energy, one of these bands you need to listen to- is doing a free gig in Cleveland. their live show is supposed to be amazingggggg. founded by ex-Hockey members, it has a kind of typical sort of indie sound mixed with classic rock and hippie tendencies. did that make sense? good because I don't give a fuck.



off the Eclipse the Beck and Bat For Lashes duet? just listen, just listen, and change your pants afterwards:>

Also, lately I discovered a new electronic band from Manchester called Delphic. very smooth, very easy to listen to. listen here:

and also
can someone remix this for me

thank you