It's getting very favorable reviews thus far! And that's good! Really good! It better damn well favorable reviews!

So are you excited to see this? the plot summary, let's face it, cops from the Brave Little Toaster. Andy grows old; he goes to college. The toys get donated. THE DACHSHUND HAS GRAY FUR WTF ARE THEY TRYING TO DO TO ME!

I applaud the creators of the film for actually doing something...err, semi-realistic. you know. because that's life. things get old. people change and move on. It's a sort of nice way to introduce that concept to kids. not like, "Brittany, you can die at anytime. THE HOUSE CAN FALL ON YOU IN YOUR SLEEP." <- reason for my neuroses, right there

I'm very excited to see this. very excited! I can't wait to feel eight again, you know. I remember all the mean kids loved Buzz Lightyear. I didn't like him, Woody annoyed me. I liked Slinky Dog. RIP JIM VARNEY