Spotlight/ Shoutout:Lucy Hale

So Last night I caught the premiere of the new ABC Family summer show, "Pretty Little Liars."

On the outside, Lucy Hale (one of the principles) and the show have a very pseudo-plastic look.

But this show surprised me with the complexity of its plot. It is sort of like a low budget "Gossip Girl" minus male leads.

Lucy Hale is one of the primary characters, who is from a group of teen girls, who lost one of their closest friends to a mysterious disappearance. Now, there are messages from the lost girl showing up in all directions.

This show has more surprise and mystery than meets the eye. I thought it was going to be a cheap girly drama, but it really held my interest.

QATFYG: Will you check it out? Tuesdays at 8 on ABC Family.

This features Piper from "Charmed."