an Euro-centric music for a Monday:

"Song For No One"- Miike Snow (Swedes! <3)

this band was pretty big last year and I just did not care. but this? this is a good song.

"Heatwave"- Alphabeat

I find it's hard to stay in a bad mood while listening to Alphabeat. so- energetic! so happy! Lady Gaga loves these Danes! so should you!

"Airplanes"- Local Natives

I've heard these guys described as a lesser Fleet Foxes. not necessarily true! they're good!

"Love Is All"- The Tallest Man on Earth

this is the Swedish Bob Dylan, right here.

"The Next Time Around"- Little Joy

Fabrizio from the Strokes' new band!!!!! I'm not sure what to think of most of their stuff, but this is not bad at all.

"Things Will Never Be the Same Again"- Jj

more Swedish goodness!!!!

so enjoy your Monday or try to. also, RIP Brittany Murphy's husband.



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