you need to hear this: josh ritter

Josh Ritter is such a gifted lyricist, which is why I'm such a fan. seriously- the first time I heard like "Kathleen"- "all the other girls here are stars, you are the northern lights"- I was hooked. He just released a new album that I'm sure you've heard if you have made the mistake of meandering into Starbucks lately, So Runs the World Away.

This guy started playing guitar after buying one at K-Mart, inspired by Townes Van Zandt and Gillian Welch. This guy is like- seriously, the closest thing we have to a Bob Dylan these days. And I say that as a hardcore Ryan Adams fan. So, so good.

"The Curse" is absolutely a gorgeous song. I only had to hear it once and swoon! I was done. and what's it about? a mummy falling in love with an archaeologist. see here:


so put away your Jack Johnson and seriously listen to Josh Ritter. this guy is nearly a legend now.