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Tom Petty tickets are REALLY cheap. I was just about to buy them for my dad when I realized my dad can't handle concerts anymore, but they only came to like, 30 dollars, fees included. so, if you're a fan, I'm pretty sure he's touring everywhere in this country this summer.

Like Fleetwood Mac and the Cars, Tom Petty's music was something I was raised on. here's that video with a young Johnny Depp and oh look it's China Phillips:

the only thing is I don't think he's put out any good music since the 90s. it is sad to see rock stars grow old. what say you, reader? I would only go see Leonard Cohen or Fleetwood Mac these days. or maybe Joni Mitchell. I would not see Gordon Lightfoot.

also, my sister showed me a picture of this random old man when I was 3 and was like "LOOK BRITTANY IT'S TOM PETTY" and I was scared of him until middle school, when I realized he was not quite that haggard.


  1. I finished making that CD last! night! and totally forgot about Don't Come Around Here No More =(

    I'm giving up. Stop.

  2. the video for that is pretty awesome!


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