Womens News: Supreme Court and Mandy's Travels

Today Barack Obama nominated Elena Kagan, former Harvard Law Professor/Law School Dean, to the Supreme Court.

If she is approved she would be the youngest Supreme Court Justice, and this would also be the first time that there are 3 women on the bench. By this increase, soon it will be all women and no men ruling America's Judicial System. Meh? (I know I sound like I'm joking, but it wouldn't be so bad if that were true)

In other news,

the subject/inspiration of my two most recent unpublished novels, Mandy Jiroux, says....I want to be in Texas right NOW.. 3 more days!

Mandy is Miley Cyrus's BFF, and Dancer+Singer for the Beach Girl5. But

"Why would anyone want to go to Texas?"

Birthplace of Demi
Home state of Destiny's Child
Dallas Mavericks
San Antonio Spurs
Eva Longoria when she's not being Francophied by Tony Parker
Birthplace of Selena (G)
The Alamo
Tejano Music
Norteno Music
Almost Authentic Mexican Food

Texans and their Hats!

QATFYG: How would you feel about a supreme court with all women judges?
And what are your personal pros and cons of Texas?