waxing on graduation

I haven't been posting much lately because I've been prepping for my LAST SET OF FINALS AS AN UNDERGRADUATE EVER and working on my thesis and probably meaningless shit like that, yeah. so my motivation has been drained. never fear! in the next week, you'll probably be sick of me. fair warning.

I remember arriving at Edinboro as a freshman back in 2006 and immediately hating the place. hating, hating, hating. loathing doesn't seem strong enough. I even calculated the days until graduation- a 1000-something odd number I wrote down somewhere (which I obviously kept so safe).

"Brittany, stop complaining," some dumb bitch I don't talk to anymore told me. "Enjoy it."

Well (this is addressed to you, dumb bitch), I didn't enjoy it until the past year and a half. which in- I fell in with an amazing group of people, absolutely lovely (if not just as bitchy as I am, which is wonderful) who I will really, really miss. which perplexes me. because, in the beginning and for the longest time, I was like I DON'T NEED TO BOND WITH THESE PEOPLE. and then I bonded. and now it will just hurt to break those bonds. :/

I won't miss the campus really. I won't miss my job that much, although certain aspects of it, yeah. the people I will definitely miss. I won't really miss my classes- except modernist poetry with Joyce OH MY GOD- and I won't miss little things like the busrides back and forth, the only real activity being developing a drinking problem and so on. nonetheless, college has really ... shaped me in a way I didn't see happening. I'm very different than that girl who didn't think she would get into Edinboro for some strange reason (MY LETTER WAS LATE IT GAVE ME A LOT OF ANXIETY). Whether or not this is a good thing, IDK. a lot has gone down in the past four years and it boggles my mind to think about.

to wrap it up- wow!
:O !!!!

and to everyone out there from Edinboroland that is reading, I probably like you, probably am glad I met you and probably wish you the best of luck in the future. I send you my gooey love.

unless you are my first roommate. which in that case, I am burning a cross on your lawn.



this is actually a request:

I always thought that video was sad. do something about your house, Dido!


remember that time you almost overdosed freshman year? SO DO I! you really scared me, you know! I tried to keep you away from those Mentos!

will you remember me, Butterfield Hall?


p.s. I always liked Princess Diana! :(

get out of my bar! (actually, my favorite Semisonic song is "Chemistry." ^_^)

I know we're going to meet again and there will be snacks.

a sweet, kind of melancholy song I've been digging lately when I feel nostalgic:





  1. Years back before I had heard any songs from them, I almost bought the Verve Pipe's album used for like 4 bux. I wish I had.


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