Spotlight/ Shoutout: John Noble

This is an S/S that is purely for my own selfish reasons,

Then again.....all of them ARE!! ;) I'm back on my FRINGE feelings Frenzy !

It goes to John Noble of "Fringe" who plays the crazy super genius, Walter Bishop.

Walter Bishop is an amazingly likable character, and he also has a dark past as a mischievous father.

But I am giving a nod to the "Fringe" cast, because I am skipping the show tomorrow night to watch "Grey's Anatomy" with Demi Lovato.

I know I am giving up my television loyalties for the superficiality of ABC's polished glossy dramas.

So Fringe and John Noble, I am not leaving you forever, but Demi is my kryptonite. (Now if only she could find a style for her bangs that would work. Oh snaps!)

QATFYG: What would you do if your father was a crazy super genius?