the moog? in erie and not budapest?

here is something that is weird and certainly doesn't happen every day: Hungarian (!!!) indie band the Moog will be playing Erie TOMORROW night at the new place on State Street, the Crooked I, which seems like a very interesting place to me. I investigated on their Myspace and they appear to be rather big fans of the Smiths. but then again so is AFI. anyway, tickets are 3 dollars and the show begins at 8 and I would like to investigate them, because they're pretty catchy and the lead singer's voice is not bad.

here you go:

I personally prefer this song:

I'm just astonished there's a Hungarian music scene. ignorant of me, I know. the Dandy Warhols came up in related...another good sign?


  1. now I want to make an hungarian album.

    it'll be called Magyar Soup!!


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