metric saved my liiiiife

I'd like to preface this with saying the job search has worn me down. I am not very happy on days when the sun isn't out. In fact, I would say someone should really worry about me on these days. I'd also like to blame hormones- walking up the stairs, looking behind you, taking in how empty everything is/feels and bursting into tears- is probably not normal. so hopefully, with that in mind, I get my period soon. or a job. I don't know which is preferable. so let's just say that I was banking a lot on this concert, without getting too morose on you. I am just not happy at all at the moment.

SOOO Wenli and I (hai!) originally got these tickets in April, but then Wenli was called up by NASA to do Wenli-space things i.e. fix the Hubble telescope and shuttle program. just kidding I have no idea what these things mean. and O NOES, what do we do with the tickets? could sell them, but- Wenli!- nooooooo. Metric came through in November to Pittsburgh and I hated myself for missing them then, I hate myself for missing them now. so I asked my good friend, good music liker and good travel companion Matthew if he'd be interested. of course! we go.

Cleveland is not my preferred destination for concerts by a longshot. I don't know why- Ohio just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. however, the nice thing about the House of Blues is it sits right in the good, pretty part of Cleveland. the part that aspires to be like New York City in some way. Case Western is in this area as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The latter, I simply want to go to to see the sign of GWEN from the "South Side" video.

intermission: wouldn't it be amazing of Ke$ha redid the "Like a Prayer" video? food for thought.

we found a nice little deli after getting temporarily lost and fed birds on the steps of some Civil War statue in downtown. OLD LADY MOMENT

skip ahead a bunch of homeless people, Bear In Heaven was the opener. Bear in Heaven is not a bad band by any means! I listened to them a lot before I went so I was more familiar- there's that genre that's very big at the moment, which includes bands like them and Best Coast and Surfer Blood (who I am wanting to go see because I missed them a few months ago and am getting reallllly into them), some kind of fuzzy lo-fi that runs the gamut of sounding the same. nonetheless! check out "Lovesick Teenagers," a free download on very good.

the lead singer of this band looked like either my uncle or a 1970s porn star and seemed to be channeling Ian Curtis when dancing. the guitarist looked like an in cognito M. Ward! they started out a little weak but they got better fast. by the end of the set, they were amazing! and such nice guys, too. apparently Cleveland is an attractive city, by their standards. that is true. LOTS OF DRUNK HOT GIRLS SEE WHAT YOU MISSED.

Metric was obviously next, after a longgggg break. HOB is basically standing room only, unless you want to be up in the balcony sipping drinks and not up with the band feeling other people's body heat and random touches (contact whore right here). the last time I was there was 2008 for Rilo Kiley. awful show! not the band's fault by any means- Jenny was working it- but it just sucked. so. my legs hurt by the end of the evening from standing and dancing. I didn't want to like, have to move before Metric appeared. I was adamant to Matthew- the whole way to Cleveland- "WE ARE STANDING UP NEXT TO THE STAGE. I AM NOT MOVING." And I did not move! and a lot of drunk ladies were pushing me around!

then the lights went out and OH MY GOD I LOST ANY ABILITY TO THINK. I just grabbed him and I was like erjearjekajreEMILYEMILYEMILYAERKEARJE. let me inform you:

when I found out about Emily Haines in 2006 I had just graduated and heard Metric on the advice of a friend. loved loved loved "Poster of a Girl." that was what made me a fan, really. I think it had something to do with the random French in it. then, I saw her. a blonde who wears high heels and short skirts and writes amazing, amazing lyrics that have somehow always struck a chord with me. like in "Dead Disco"- "I know you tried to change things!" DREAM WOMAN. so imagine when she hit the stage, already looking a sweaty mess. I came, no more or no less.

the setlist was awe-some. they started with "Twilight Galaxy"- which was a lot more intense than you would think! in fact, this was probably the closest thing to a genuine rock show I have ever attended! lots of blinking lights. lots. an epileptic would not have been happy, by any means. just when you thought things were getting less worked-up- BAM! they were back, louder and heavier than ever. every member of the band looked really into it, which is always good to see.

I think they played nearly every song off "Fantasies" with the exception of "Blindness" (which is good because that song makes me sad and note from earlier I did not want to be sad!) "Satellite Mind" was next and that was when I got REALLY into it. I never dance or sing or shit at concerts because I'm self-conscious. but there were soooo many people into it! and my goodness, "SATELLITE MIND?" yes yes yes. this was when I threw my inhibitions to the wind. so good! so good!

now I would like to talk about my drunk middle-aged lady friend, who was very nice to me. somewhere after this song I felt someone pushing by me and was like okay, someone needs to go to the bathroom or something. and I'm a very polite person, so being in the pit or whatever probably isn't good for me, because I worrying about stepping on people and etc. but! this lady, I don't think she was even in the pit originally. I think she just had too many beers and wanted to be up there.

"THE GUITARIST IS SOOOOOOO HOTTTTT," she like, screamed at me. and I was laughing and gave her the thumbs up.

"OKAY!" I screamed right back at her. He was a pretty good-looking guy! I see where she was coming from! (although I was just, Emily Haines, you know).

"WHY ARE YOU WEARING SUNGLASSES YOU LOOK LIKE MILEY CYRUS CAN I CALL YOU MILEY OH MY GOD OKAY YAY," and then she kissed me O_O and hugged me a few times. and I was like I should start hanging out with drunk middle-aged women more! honestly, I got enough affection last night that I am good until July.

There were these girls with nasty haircuits behind me that kept stepping on me to take photos of themselves to post on Facebook, I presume. well crazy drunk lady bothered them and they yelled at her. poor crazy drunk lady!

"I'm gonna go," she told me before hugging me again. She smelled like cheap beer! I know that smell! "YOU ARE AWESOME MILEY STAY AWESOME WOOO METRIC!" and then she was gone for a while.

Miley Cyrus comparison = biggest highlight of my life

anyway, Metric kept playing; Emily danced like a robot. I was like :O again and again. and they were so friendly in between songs! I was surprised, because somewhere a long time ago I read they were not so friendly! not true! so nice! they apparently had some crazy nights in Cleveland before! why wasn't I involved!

in one song, there was this long instrumental period where she came out doing some Rolling Stones/Beastie Boys-inspired improv and was RIGHT UP WITH US IN THE FRONT. oh god she kept doing it. and doing it! I've seen videos of crazy fangirls reaching their arms up to the members of the band squealing like maniacs and that was me that was me! I was like EMILY I NEED TO TOUCH YOU JUST ONCE. she was really, at the best, leaning over me at one point, staring right at me for a few seconds. and I orgasmed.

no one wasn't moving during "Dead Disco." or like, "Monster Hospital." oh my god!!!! HOW COULD YOU NOT MOVE!

or during "Help I'm Alive," for when a few moments she just stopped and put the mic into the crowd and EVERYONE WAS BEATING LIKE A HAMMER. it was a religious experience. my only complaint was I wished they played more older stuff, but even that's not a big deal.

just such an energetic show! they were awesome performers- see them! you must!

lastly, after we made them come back for an encore, they closed with an acoustic "Combat Baby" which was audience-oriented. Emily took one half of the stage, Jimmy took the other with his guitar. and then they all came down, "the other sweaty people" too, and I ALMOST TOUCHED EMILY HER HAND SAILED RIGHT OVER MINE MY GOD. someone cut me off, too. :( and then I almost touched Joules but noooooo. after this point, the sweaty members of the band stood together and bowed. man. like- this band is absolutely in their prime. I consider myself lucky to have seen them live right now.

these girls behind me were gabbing about how Metric hasn't gotten big yet and being on the Twilight soundtrack is going to ruin them. I disagree- I think they're already pretty big! the only place to go from here is Muse/Arcade Fire/Radiohead level. so maybe, maybe. I would love to see them open for Muse in November in Columbus. more fapping ensues. as some nice girl I ran into in the merchandise line afterwards- hey girl! I hope you are still enjoying be 21! savor it! it's a good year!- explained they're pretty huge in Europe. which I already knew but you know.

I don't think I can write coherently anymore about this. crazy drunk lady was standing outside afterwards with her man-harem.

"Loser 1, loser 2, loser 3!" she said and hugged me again. Matthew looked confused. Note: I was very sober, just high off the show.

"You're not losers! You're all winners!" I replied, just trying to be positive.

"THIS IS MILEYYYYYY," and then she stumbled off.

so! today I am not so sad!
what a good night! NEXT UP: SHE & HIM. see what you missed, Wenli!

"Stadium Love"
I thought this song was one of the best they did- not big on it recorded, but live! yessss!