Late Prince of Persia Persia Preview Predictions

Prince of Persia is now in theatres.

1st Note: Forget Jake Gyllenhaal.

2nd: Gemma Arterton (seen above) totally rules.

3rd: Will I see this? Doubtful!!!

But if you want to go, give some props to Gemma Arterton. She has done some very talented acting work in her career, but it doesn't seem like Prince of Persia will showcase her talent.

The same really goes for Jake Gyllenhaal, I mean he has done some good films in the past, but I don't care because I don't find him hot!!

After watching the trailers for POP, it seems like this movie will have some decent action scenes with lots of corny lines. I'm sure if anyone is a fan of the game, it is worth seeing. If you're not a fan of the vid game, it may disappoint you.

Probably has lots of flash and lots of cheese when any of the characters talk.

Source: Foresight and superficial assumption.

QATFYG: Have you seen Prince of Persia yet? Do you like Jake Gyllenhaal? Do you like Gemma Arterton? What is your favorite video game-based movie?


  1. this movie looks too dirty for me. I mean like. can they please take baths? DISLIKE

  2. i didn't even think about that. so true,
    However, I feel that with so many action movies, they kill the worth of the film with dialogue that is just overly corny and poorly written.


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