celebrate erie's line-up

The annual Erie celebration in August (HAHAHA) scored Dennis DeYoung of Styx (Mr. Roboto!) and the GIN BLOSSOMS omgzzz.

I actually don't mind the Gin Blossoms. So I'd go see them. Even though it's not 1994 and flanne .. well, it made a comeback.

Wait, didn't the lead singer die? O______O

also, the new National:  amazing, but I didn't expect anything less. as is the new Ratatat. 


  1. Doug Hopkins of the Gin Blossoms was the guitarist and wrote many of the New Miserable Experience's hits like Hey Jealousy and Found Out About You. He committed suicide in 94.

    Lead singer is alive & well!

    Check out their new music recorded last weekend!



  2. gooooood!!!! thank you! now I can see them! - Britt


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