the bravest little boy in the sixth grade!

I remember sixth grade very well. it was a harsh, dark and mean place. if you did ANYTHING out of the ordinary they shunned you, or belittled you with it. seriously- I went through some of the shittiest things of my life that year. argh.

so this brave little boy- and I am sure you've heard of this by now! if not GET WITH IT SRSLY - tackled "Paparazzi" for his school talent show. like- this kid could have had his ass kicked so hard for it and he went for it. thank god it worked in his favor! now he's appearing on the Ellen show and getting advice from Gaga herself. aw!

my favorite thing about these video are these dumb girls in the background laughing and making faces. and it's like, this kid has more talent than any of you, so go eat worms or whatever sixth graders do.

they probably eat cell phones these days....