Spotlight/ Shoutout: Kim Zimmer and other random sh*t!!

So I've been reading a lot of wikipedia when I should be doing other things,

and I've come across the "Most" issues in TV.

So I send Kim Zimmer from the show, "Guiding Light" the S/S.
Kim Zimmer acted on guiding light for over 500 episodes from 1983-2009.

"Guiding Light" debuted in 1937 as a radio program, and in 1952 it made the transition to a television soap opera.

Thus, making it the longest running program in history.

Other cool TV factoids,

Longest running TV show (All on TV) --"Meet the Press" 1947-Present.

Longest running TV show with the original cast--"The Wallace and Ladmo Show." 1954-1989.
**Featuring former s/s winner Dan Horn.

Longest running sitcom--"Last of the Summer Wine," from the UK. 1973-Present
**All written by one person, Mr. Roy Clarke.

QATFYG: If any of my info is incorrect, then oops! Also, care to toss around any awesome tv trivia?


  1. Kim Zimmer fans will also enjoy the Mr. Media VIDEO interview in which she talks about working with her friend Alec Baldwin on "The Doctors," replacing Kathleen Turner on "The Doctors" and playing her double onscreen in "Body Heat," her 26 years on "The Guiding Light," and her struggles with alcohol in the show's final years. Check it out:!


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