"Date Night" opens next Friday. On paper, it's a comedic dream team. Tina Fey. Steve Carell. but yet, when I finally caught the trailer, I was surprised because it did nothing for me:

It also stars Mark Wahlberg, James Franco and OH MY GOD MILA KUNIS. but yeah, I would say it's less than I expected. still somewhat funny (in the middle, at least- "I don't want the kids to live with your mother!!!!")

what do you think?

also, the iPad was opened to the public to BUY BUY BUY today in New York City. some people waited for days to purchae the thing. I will not be able til afford this until 2013 and then it will be the less superior version which I will somehow manage to break.

do you give a shit?


and also: HAPPY EASTER!


  1. do i give an s?
    n! g.

    Also, what kind of trailer would put mila and james in it for only 3 seconds? I need more M and J!!


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