So About Alice....

So Alice has been the most talked about subject of today, and it's in theaters.

Could you belive there is an Alice more popular than Alice Cullen?

QATFYG: ARe you going to see it?

I might, however, I am not too excited for it. But expect more coverage from the Useless Critic on this...maybe a review soon.

Johnny Depp will probably be awesome. He is very talented as an actor, and he does well in most of the Tim Burton roles.


  1. I think the film has unique and cool look...which is kind of obvious. This is a Tim Burton Film...they all have cool looks...although always sort of alike. Anyway, I personally don't find the plot of Alice in Wonderland that exciting, but I think it would be a fun- maybe even a little bit creepy- film to watch.

  2. I have no desire to see it. at all.


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